Diethyl Ether Pharma Grade

Diethyl Ether Pharma Grade
CAS# 60-29-7

Diethyl ether is a common laboratory reagent and solvent, often used in liquid-liquid extraction processes and as a solvent for waxes, resins and gums. The Pharma grade may be used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical and personal care applications such as in liniments, analgesics and perfumes.

  • In UN approved Galvanized Iron Drums.
  • In IMO Type 1 Bottom Discharge or Top Discharge Isotanks
Description:Clear, Colour Liquid, Volatile, Highly Flammable, Soluble in water, miscible with alcohol, with methylene Chloride and with Fatty Oils
Assay by GC:Min. 99.8% w/w
Ethanol by GC:Max 0.01% w/v
Carbonyls (as HCHO):Max 0.001% w/v
Acidity (as Acetic Acid):Max 0.002% w/v
Non-Volatile Matter:Max 0.002% w/v
Peroxides (as H2O2):To pass I.P. Test
Water:Max 0.02% w/v
Stabilizer (BHT) by GC:Max 10 ppm
Color on APHA:Max 10

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